How To Setup Pokémon Notifications

With Willow, you can set notifications for any mon. This section will go through the basics.

To get started, visit the Pokémon section within Trackings

Setup IV Based Notifications

When you want to Add + a new Pokémon notification, the following menu will appear.

If all you care about are hundos, then change the IV Min from 0 to 100 and either select Apply to All Pokémon or search to find the one you want.

Otherwise, there are a few things to note:

  • If you have areas registered, then this tracking will be sent based on those area matches. Otherwise, select location and define your radius. Some radius suggestions can be found here
  • Mon with unknown IVs are set to OFF. There are times when rare mon are spotted before their IV is determined, so turn it on if there’s something you may not want to miss, like Unown.
  • You can adjust the defaults to find any IV combination you desire (this is nice if you’re searching for a mon with unique PvP stats).
  • Selecting a mon from the Search Box enables tracking for all Forms. Check here to learn how to target specific forms.

Setup PvP Based Notifications

So setup PvP based notifications, select a League under the PvP selection in the middle of the screen.

If all you care about are Rank 1’s, then set your Ranking parameter between 1 and 1 and either select Apply to All Pokémon or search to find the one you want.

Otherwise, there are a few things to note:

  • For PvP notifications, most users should rely on the Rank parameters and not touch the IV, CP, and other stat parameters above. These should only be combined by advanced users.
  • The MIN CP parameter applies to the floor a PvP mon can reach. Currently the default CP is 1400 for Great League and 2350 for Ultra League. Therefore, if you selected to be notified about all Rank 1’s for Great League, then you’d be notified about mon like Chansey since it can reach CP 1418. However, you would not be notified about mon like Wobbuffet, while meta according to PvPoke, caps out at CP 1160. If this makes sense, then feel free to overwrite the defaults.
  • The Default Cap is set to Level 50. Since you can only best buddy one mon at a time, it really isn’t practical to chase Rank 51 PvP spawns, unless they’re hundos. However, if you’d like to anyway, then feel free to overwrite the default.

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