About Us

It all started back in the fall of 2016, when a simple Valley PoGo player from Sherman Oaks started learning about PoGo Trackers to catch his favorite Pokémon, Snorlax. He would go out every night, catching 5-10 Snorlax before bed to add to his collection and assign to gyms. After his fellow teammates asked where he got such cool Pokémon, he decided to create a Twitter account and post some of the rare spawns he identified around the Valley. A few hours later, this Valley PoGo player checked said Twitter account to discover hundreds of new followers and a whole community of local players who loved hunting as much as he did.

It’s been several years since those humble beginnings on Twitter, and a lot has changed. This small mapper tracking Snorlax in Sherman Oaks has now come to be the Go-To GO Map in Los Angeles. This only happened because of the amazing community of players in the area! The people met grinding the Santa Monica Pier 🎡, searching for Lapras in Long Beach 😎, riding the Raid Trains 🏎 in the Valley (#Ltrain and #Miltrain 🐮 for life!), and slow rolling 🐌 the streets of Newhall are the reason Valley PoGo has grown so much. It goes without saying, this city is too cool to not have an awesome map to play with.

So thank you, Los Angeles. Without you and this amazing community of PoGo players, we wouldn’t be what we are today.

🍻 Happy hunting, trainers 🍻

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