How To Use Our Personal Scan Feature

Ever go on vacation and you go through withdrawl from your favorite Los Angeles based PoGo map? With our WebMap, you can request personal scanning for anywhere in the world.

Click on our Personal Scan feature in the upper lefthand corner of your map to get started.

Once selected, you will be presented with two circles.

Blue Scan Circle

The Blue Circle contains the area in which Pokémon IV’s will be identified.

Yellow Scan Circle

The Yellow Circle is much broader and picks up a lot of information within its scan radius, such as:

  • Gyms and Pokéstops
  • Eggs and Raids
  • Rocket Grunts and Leaders
  • Kecleon
  • Lures
  • Non-IV Pokemon located nearby Pokéstops

This broad circle picks up a lot of information, but not Pokémon IVs. These are only identified within the Blue Circle

If the information you want is not included in these scan circles, then you can drag the cursor around the map to the location you desire. Once you are satisfied, click Scan Here.

If successful, your request will be added to our queue!

Scan requests are usually processed within 30 seconds.

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