How To Use Pokémon Filters

To get started with the WebMap, let’s take a look at the Pokémon Filters

Primary Pokémon Filters

Primary Pokémon filters apply to all mon

  • As shown above, you need to click Enable to show them on the map
  • Utilize the Sliders to adjust your parameters. Setting sliders to the min and max, like the IV Range shown above, greys it out and disables it
  • You can use the Sliders to set ranges, so IV’s between 95-100, or PvP mon between Rank 1-5
  • You can use the Toggles at the button to Overwrite IV filters and show all Nundos and Hundos

Primary Pokémon Filters

Secondary Pokémon filters apply to all mon

  • Sliders function the same as in the Primary Filter. Set to apply to all Pokémon or disable it by setting it at the min and max
  • Lastly, this is where you can set XXS/XXL Overwrites, to help you hunt those mon and finish your medal

Advanced Pokémon Filters

Advanced Filters let you apply parameters to select mon

  • To view all of a particular mon on the map, enable it with the ✅ and click Save

  • To add special IV or PvP parameters, dig into that Pokémon’s advanced selection and set what you’re looking for.

Just don’t forget to click Save once you’re done

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