How to Catch Zorua

Were you trying to catch a hundo Zorua, but wondered why the stats of the mon you caught were different than the ones one the map? That can’t be, because Valley PoGo is never wrong!

Well, since Zorua disguises itself as your buddy Pokémon, this causes his stats to get randomized when caught. However, if you follow the steps below, you will be able to encounter a wild Zorua in its normal form and catch him with the same stats that are identified by Valley PoGo.

Steps to Encounter Zorua

  1. Have a buddy that has been fed within the last hour. It is recommended that your buddy is not Zorua.
  2. Wait for a notification for a hundo, Rank 1, or whatever kind of Zorua that you’re hunting!
  3. Swap your buddy out for another one, but don’t feed it.
  4. Now, swap back to your original buddy from Step 1.
  5. At this point, the Zorua illusion should be broken.
  6. Go to the location of the Zorua from the map. If you get there and you see a Zorua, then go ahead and catch it. If you arrive and you see your buddy instead, then leave for a few minutes and come back when it’s Zorua.

Congratulations! You now have a Hundo Zorua!

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