Pokéstops Have Dual Quests

A question we get here a lot is, “Why is the quest I received different than the one reported by the LA PoGo Map?

The answer is each Pokéstop has two quests, and the quest you receive will depend on whether or not you have an AR task in your inventory. Let’s explain with a visual.

In the picture above, we see that this stop, Culinary Adventure has two quests:

  • Power up a Pokémon 3 times, which awards Hisuian Voltorb
  • Feed your buddy 3 times, which awards Snubbull

You’ll notice the account on the left has an AR Task to Scan Mural. Therefore when spun, the trainer will receive the Husuian Voltorb task.

As for the trainer on the right, they do not have an AR Task in their inventory. Therefore when spun, the trainer will receive the Snubbull task.

This is both a feature and a bug, because:

  • In reality, there are double the amount of available quests in the area. This is great for stacking Rare Tasks.
  • Since each Pokéstop has two quests, you need to keep track of the ones you’re targeting on the map.

The map tells you whether or not you need an AR Task or not to receive your desired Quest. Alternatively, you can choose which layer you’d like with the selection toggle on the map.

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